U.S. General Doesn’t Know If Taliban Let ISIS Attackers Get to Kabul Airport

The commander of U.S. Central Command said Thursday he did not know if the Taliban — whose members the U.S. was relying on to screen individuals getting to the airport — let Islamic State suicide bombers get through and conduct at least two bombings that have so far killed 12 Marines and injured 15 more.

“Clearly if they were able to get up to the Marines…at the entry point of the base,there’s a failure somewhere,” said Marine Gen. Kenneth McKenzie at a press briefing on Thursday.

He added of the Taliban: “Some of those guys are scrupulously good, some of them are not. I just don’t know the answer to that question. But you can be assured we’re going to continue to take a look at it and make sure all of our practices [are] better going forward.”

The Biden administration had relied on the Taliban to screen individuals getting through checkpoints they set up around the airport.

The move put the Taliban in charge of deciding who could get through to evacuate, including Americans, U.S. green card holders, and Afghan civilians attempting to evacuate.- READ MORE