‘The Future Is Built By Us’: World Economic Forum Chairman Who Spoke Of ‘Great Reset Of Capitalism’

The executive chairman of the World Economic Forum boasted to his audience on Monday at the organization’s summit in Davos, “The future is built by us.”

Klaus Schwab founded the World Economic Forum in 1971; he also spoke Monday of the “global agenda.”

“Let’s also be clear: the future is not just happening; the future is built by us,” Schwab lectured.

“By a powerful community as you here in this room,” he continued. “We have the means to improve the state of the world, but two conditions are necessary: The first one, is that we act all as stakeholders of larger communities, so that we serve not only our self-interests but we serve the community. That’s what we call ‘stakeholder responsibility.’”

“And second, that we collaborate,” he added. “And this is the reason why you find many opportunities here during the meeting to engage into … action and impact initiatives to make progress related to specific issues on the global agenda.” – READ MORE