Macron Urges US, China To Pay Their “Fair Share” For Climate Change

As the world’s biggest hypocrites arrive in their private jets at the UN Climate Summit in Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh (or as Rabo’s Michael Every puts it, “Sham el-Chic”), French President Emmanuel Macron quickly made an early splash (perhaps more so even than Greta who is trying to get rich from her book telling us how we need to destroy capitalism), when he “urged” the United States, China and other non-European rich nations to pay their fair share to help poorer countries deal with climate change.

“We need the United States and China to step up” on emissions cuts and financial aid, Macron told French and African climate campaigners on Monday on the sidelines of the COP27 summit.

“Europeans are paying,” he said.

“We are the only ones paying.”

“Pressure must be put on rich non-European countries, telling them, ‘you have to pay your fair share’,” he said, using every socialist’s favorite term.

Stepping up financial aid to poorer countries that face the brunt of climate-induced disasters has emerged as a major issue at the 13-day climate conference that began on Sunday. – READ MORE