Lockdown Forever! EU Votes to Extend COVID Cert Until 2023

Officials from the European Union’s Civil Liberties committee have voted to approve the extension of the bloc’s usage of its transnational COVID certificate until 2023.

Although public discourse has largely moved on to the issues of the Ukraine war and the ongoing cost of living crisis, the EU is still seemingly quite concerned about the COVID-19 virus, with the bloc’s Civil Liberties committee voting on Thursday to extend its transnational COVID certificate’s usage for another 12 months.

It comes as officials from nations across the union start to make noises once again about rising COVID case numbers, with Germany’s now-infamous lockdown-loving health minister once again recommending that people wear face coverings indoors.

In a press release published on the EU’s official website on Thursday, the bloc announced that the Civil Liberties committee had voted 51-11 in favour of keeping the system of COVID certificates active under the justification that the pass system would still be in place “in case it is needed”. – READ MORE