Joe Biden Chooses ‘Climate Changes’ over Genocide in Opening Remarks with Chinese Dictator Xi Jinping

Leftist American President Joe Biden struck a conciliatory tone in his public remarks alongside genocidal communist dictator Xi Jinping of China on Monday, suggesting China and America should work together on “climate changes” and “food insecurity” but not addressing human rights.

Talks between the two leaders are currently underway in Bali, Indonesia, where this year’s G20 summit is expected to begin on Tuesday. The governments involved have not released any specific agenda for their conversation and Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post reported that the White House had denied that Xi and Biden would release a joint statement after their conversation.

The White House published a readout of the conversation that claimed Biden mentioned “human rights more broadly” and the situation in “Xinjiang,” using the Chinese government name for the Uyghur region of East Turkistan where the Communist Party is currently committing genocide.

Both leaders made a brief statement before sitting down for negotiations indicating that the goal of their meeting was to prevent any further deterioration of the bilateral relationship.

Biden emphasized his joy at seeing Xi in person for the first time in over five years, according to Xi, and the need for their personal warmth towards each other to drive the relationship between Washington and Beijing towards an amicable destination.- READ MORE