CBS presses Biden White House on ‘using dates on a calendar to set White House policy’

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan dodged a question from CBS News Sunday pressing him on the Biden administration “using dates on a calendar to set White House policy.”

As President Joe Biden weathers criticism over the tumultuous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, another self-imposed deadline, the U.S. faces the prospect of leaving American citizens behind in the country after the Aug. 31 deadline the administration set to take out all its forces.

CBS News’ Ed O’Keefe noted on “Face The Nation” that the administration has set markers based on major American dates, such as having coronavirus wrangled by the 4th of July and having all U.S. forces withdrawn from Afghanistan by September 11, which will mark two decades since the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“I know you don’t oversee everything, you’re in charge of national security, but this summer there was the July Fourth deadline in the hope of declaring independence from the pandemic,” O’Keefe said. “There’s this 9/11 deadline where now the Taliban essentially is going to be back in control of Afghanistan on the 20th anniversary. Has there been any conversation about perhaps not using dates on a calendar to set White House policy anymore?” – READ MORE