21 Senate Republicans vote to outsource our air conditioning to the UN

Evidently, many Republicans think we don’t have enough green fascist mandates, the U.N. doesn’t have enough power, and Americans don’t pay enough for an increasingly dwindling supply of appliances that work less effectively than they did 50 years ago. With little fanfare, 17 Republican senators joined every Democrat to advance a treaty that will make air conditioners more expensive.

Air conditioning is one of the greatest inventions of all time and contributes hugely to the amazing quality of life our grandparents developed for us. Naturally, it is on the hit list of the Great Reset transhumanists. One would think at a time of record high electricity costs, Republicans would zealously oppose any new green energy mandate, especially one that is in the form of an international treaty. But every time you think Republicans might finally discover a soul, you must think again.

On Wednesday, the following 17 Republicans joined with every Democrat in attendance to invoke cloture on the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, a 1987 treaty designed to cut down on certain chemicals, such as chlorofluorocarbons, to supposedly save the ozone layer. On Thursday, 21 Republicans, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, joined in ratifying the treaty 69-27.

The protocol requires countries to progressively decrease their use of hydrofluorocarbons by 80% to 85% of a baseline in the treaty by 2036. Hydroflourocarbons are the reason you can enjoy living in your home or walking into any store or commercial establishment during the summer. They are the refrigerants in any air conditioning system. The EPA has been gradually cutting levels of HFCs, which is why anyone who has recently called the AC repairman for an infusion of coolant will receive a sticker shock on the bill, as I did earlier this summer.- READ MORE