World Economic Forum Official Rebukes Dissenters: ‘Shouldn’t Really Be Talking About’ Geneva-Based Organization

A senior official with the elitist World Economic Forum (WEF) has had enough of contrary opinions targeting the Geneva-based organization, cautioning dissenters to instead address more important things than “conspiracy theories.”

Adrian Monck, former journalist turned managing director of the WEF, also argued politicians espousing alternative views should pause and wonder if in reality they are enabling bad actors for attacking the wisdom as delivered by the WEF.

Canada was pinpointed for allowing public challenges to the perceived wisdom of the organization headed by Klaus Schwab.

“Canada should be talking about a lot of things right now. It shouldn’t really be talking about the World Economic Forum based here in Geneva,” Monck reportedly told CBC Radio’s The House in an interview aired Saturday.

“You know, there are bigger issues, really, for it to be thinking about.”

Monck particularly took issue with critics who talk about the “great reset” as espoused by the WEF during the coronavirus pandemic. – READ MORE