W.H.O. Admits Lockdowns Resulted in Dramatic Rise in Mental Health Problems

The World Health Organization (WHO) has admitted that the very lockdown policies it advocated for have been instrumental in a drastic increase in mental health issues on a global scale.

In a report published on Friday, the World Health Organization claimed that anxiety and depression rose globally by a staggering 25 per cent in the first year of Chinese coronavirus lockdowns, alone. As a result, the report estimated that over one billion people worldwide are now suffering from mental health issues.

“Restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic for example had significant mental health consequences for many, including stress, anxiety or depression stemming from social isolation, disconnectedness and uncertainty about the future,” the W.H.O. stated.

The W.H.O. not only was instrumental in spreading Communist Chinese propaganda about the ability of the coronavirus to spread from human to human but was also a keen supporter of lockdown policies in response to the virus, which were inspired by Beijing’s draconian reaction to the Wuhan virus.

The Marxist chief of the W.H.O., Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who came to power — despite never working as a medical doctor — with the backing of Beijing, was an early and outspoken advocate of lockdowns and warned against lifting restrictions too soon, despite warnings from critics of the mental health implications. – READ MORE