Top general says US military is ‘prepared to house and feed’ Afghan refugees ‘as long as it takes’

The Air Force general tasked with overseeing U.S. Northern Command said on Friday the U.S. military is “prepared to house and feed” the incoming Afghan refugees “as long as it takes” to get them settled.

“They’re coming here, starting over with what they bring with them,” Gen. Glen VanHerck told reporters. “We’ve been incredibly well supported by the local communities and non-governmental organizations, etc., that have jumped in to help these families with things of need such as diapers, formula, clothing, you name it.

“We have been tremendously blessed to have overwhelming support.”

Over 21,000 Afghan refugees have arrived at several U.S. airports and military bases since evacuations from Afghanistan were initiated less than two weeks ago.

Up to 50,000 refugees are expected to arrive stateside by Sept. 15, VanHerck confirmed Friday.

The Air Force general explained that the refugees will be permitted to stay in their “soft” and “hard shelters” for as long as it takes the State Department to complete the Special Immigrant Visa process. – READ MORE