Taxpayers paying astronomical amount every month for Biden’s Medicaid scheme

Almost three years into the Covid-19 emergency and after President Joe Biden called the pandemic over, he plans to extend the federal public health emergency at least into the new year, leaving in place what was supposed to be a temporary Medicaid policy that is now costing taxpayers an estimated $16 billion a month.

The states lose a combined $1.6 billion a month, and the federal government pays another approximately $14 billion monthly on the new spending, The Wall Street Journal reported. That comes from keeping 21 million people on Medicaid even though they earn too much money, as Biden plans to keep them permanently on the program that provides free or low-cost health coverage to low-income people.

As the pandemic was hitting states in March 2020, Congress gave each extra Medicaid funding “with the condition that they maintain enrollment for everyone, even recipients who start making too much money to qualify,” The Journal’s editorial board said. – READ MORE