Some Americans Were ‘Beaten Throughout The Night’ In Afghanistan By Taliban, Reporter Says

A mainstream news reporter said early on Friday that sources inside Afghanistan told her the situation is “rapidly deteriorating” and that some Americans were getting “beaten throughout the night” by Taliban extremists.

“A source tells me, ‘Situation [in Afghanistan] is rapidly deteriorating… We’ve had Americans get beaten throughout the night,’” Sasha Ingber, a reporter for Newsy, wrote on Twitter. “One of them, an American woman, was beaten ‘twice’ even though she was carrying a U.S. passport.”

“Yesterday @PentagonPresSec said Americans are not being impeded as they travel to the Kabul airport, no Americans harmed. The Taliban agreed to let them evacuate,” she continued. “What I am hearing suggests otherwise. Americans have been injured and stopped from boarding planes.”

“I’m also told Taliban is targeting Afghans US worked with, ‘going door to door and executing anyone that has worked with the US,’” she continued. “That ‘Taliban are searching the cars at checkpoints to find out something related to the foreign countries specially United States.’ Separate sources.”- READ MORE