SHRINKFLATION: Soaring Prices Lead To Smaller Burgers, Pizzas At Restaurants

Everything’s getting more expensive.

But have you noticed? Everything’s getting smaller, too.

Cereal boxes, soup cans, paper towels, you name it, are all shrinking in a phenomenon known as “shrinkflation.” Manufacturers figure consumers will notice higher prices, but who can tell when a box of Wheat Thins goes from 10 ounces to 8.5 ounces?

Now, shrinkflation has hit your favorite burgers and pizzas.

“For the first time ever consumers are mentioning ‘shrinkflation’ in Yelp reviews,” the website said in a release, citing new data. “In Q2 2022, consumers are talking about shrinkflation-related experiences most commonly at restaurants serving more affordable offerings like hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, followed by seafood restaurants, Italian food, and Chinese food.”- READ MORE