Report: Taliban Beating U.N. Workers as U.N. Expresses ‘Optimism’ in Jihadis

An internal United Nations document reveals that Taliban terrorists have physically assaulted U.N. staffers in Afghanistan, Reuters reported on Wednesday, having claimed to obtain the document.

The news of alleged attacks on U.N. workers, reportedly including both beatings of staffers and full raids and looting of U.N. offices, follows bizarre statements from multiple U.N. agencies, including the U.N. Human Rights Council and UNICEF, notably failing to criticize the Taliban in any way. A UNICEF official expressed “optimism” last week that it could work with the jihadist terrorist organization on the right of girls to obtain an education; the Taliban banned girls from school and most of public life during its prior rule of Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001.

Reuters claimed the document listed “dozens” of threats, lootings, and beatings of its own workers. The incidents reportedly occurred before August 15, when the Taliban surrounded Kabul, prompting the now-former president of the country, Ashraf Ghani, to flee to the United Arab Emirates, surrendering the national government to the jihadists.

Reuters identified several of the incidents as door-to-door raids seeking international workers. In one instance, Taliban jihadists beat a U.N. staffer in public after finding an employee identification on him; the employee was on the way to the Kabul international airport, which Taliban spokesmen have insisted they would allow foreigners to enter, but not Afghans. Reuters noted the U.N. worker was indeed Afghan.READ MORE

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