Report: ‘F*** That, We Don’t Have To Worry About That’: Biden 2010, Asked About U.S. Leaving Afghan Girls Behind

The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that has occurred on the watch of President Biden, leaving women and children vulnerable to the Taliban, should come as no surprise given a report from The Atlantic earlier this year about what Biden said in 2010 about leaving women and children behind in Afghanistan.

Biden responded “f*** that” to a question about American obligations to Afghans like a young girl attending school in Kabul.

In December 2001, after the United States ousted the Taliban from power in Afghanistan, President George W. Bush asked Biden, then a senator, to draft a proposal to win over young people in the Muslim world. Biden visited Kabul and met a young Afghan girl who told him, “You cannot leave. They will not deny me learning to read. I will read, and I will be a doctor like my mother. America must stay,” as The New Yorker reported in 2004. The New Yorker continued:

“I promise I’ll come back,” Biden told her. “You cannot leave,” the girl insisted. “They will not deny me learning to read. I will read, and I will be a doctor like my mother. I will. America must stay.” As Biden put it in a recent interview, the Afghan girl was telling him, “Don’t f*** with me, Jack. You got me in here. You said you were going to help me. You better not leave me now.”


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