Quiet-Quitting Is Stifling Business

Some call it “quiet quitting,” and some call it “ghost quitting.” But this phenomenon is decreasing productivity, whatever the vernacular in your area. And most managers or business owners may not even realize their employees are doing this.

As Anne Johnson writes at The Epoch Times, while managers have been focused on the “Great Resignation” – losing employees hurts productivity – there’s another kind of quitting that may not be as disruptive, but still hurts businesses.

What is quiet quitting, and how can you, as a business owner, stop it?

Quiet quitting is when a worker checks out mentally. They aren’t engaged with their work. People would have called them slackers or coasters in the past, but now it’s become a trend.

Employee engagement has declined for the first time in 10 years. In a 2021 Gallup poll, based on a random sample of 57,022 full- and part-time employees, just over one-third were engaged with their job. – READ MORE