Pentagon Unaware Of State Department Security Alert Telling Americans Not To Come to Kabul Airport

In keeping with the FUBAR dynamic… a deeper, perhaps more concerning, picture is emerging.  The Pentagon held a press briefing today with Defense Department spokesperson John Kirby and Maj. General Hank Taylor.  After initial comments, the first question was about the State Department telling Americans not to attempt to come to the airport.  Kirby and Taylor did not know about it.

Maj General Taylor admitted, “I’m not familiar with that directly.”

Defense Department Spokesperson John Kirby was put in a very uncomfortable position of answering questions about a State Department alert he was not knowledgeable about.

Stand back for a moment.  Was the release from the State Dept timed to catch Kirby and Taylor off-guard?   Having watched these internecine battles unfold amid Deep State institutions wanting to protect their own interests and avoid blame for their part of the FUBAR, my answer is a resounding yes.

The State Department is the bureaucratic scum that creates the environment for DC swamp creatures to exist.  Keep in mind the Dept of State (DoS) is a sister agency to the CIA.  DoS and CIA embed together, operate together and align in common purpose.  As such, the picture starts to gain clarity…. The State Dept is turning against the White House to protect itself.- READ MORE