PayPal CEO’s Interview With World Economic Forum Could Suggest Mentality Behind Backtracked ‘Misinformation’ Penalty

Remarks made by PayPal CEO Dan Schulman during an interview with the World Economic Forum earlier this year could shed light on the company’s attempt to pull $2,500 from users’ accounts if they promote “misinformation.”

PayPal, which has deplatformed multiple entities and commentators for their political and social views, had unveiled a forthcoming change to its acceptable use policy that would have banned the promotion of “misinformation,” as well as “hate, violence, racial or other forms of intolerance that is discriminatory.” Within one day of The Daily Wire breaking news of the policy change, PayPal claimed that the new guidelines were published “in error” and apologized “for the confusion this has caused.”

Schulman, who has led PayPal since 2014 and is actively involved in the World Economic Forum, told the organization during a January interview that his approach to business involves moving the needle on social issues as well as earning profits.

“Trust extends well beyond whether you deliver an excellent product or service. Doing that is very necessary, but it’s not sufficient,” he asserted. “To be a company that embodies trust, your mission and values should make it clear that you stand for more than just maximizing profit. That you stand up for social issues that are important, and you do the right things to help create a better world.” – READ MORE