Lovin’ lockdowns: CDC aims to have COVID controls ‘institutionalized’

A new report published by the Brownstone Institute contains a warning that the Centers for Disease Control, those bureaucrats who insisted on masks, distancing, lockdowns and shots during the COVID pandemic, are hoping all of those procedures soon will be “institutionalized.”

As in “part of normal operations.”

That’s from a report by Jeffrey Tucker, the institute’s founder who has authored thousands of articles and multiple books, mostly recently on “Liberty or Lockdown.”

He explains the bureaucracy that went wild during COVID, demanding masks when science showed they were less than effective, insisting on lockdowns that crippled parts of the American economy, demanding shots that included sometimes lethal side effects, “has now codified this into a new online tool that instructs cities and states precisely of what they are supposed to do given a certain level of community spread.”

He wrote that it’s already proven its absurdity by calling for “major parts of southern Florida” to be in masked-up mode, when in fact, “Hardly anyone in Florida has worn a mask since 2020. The very notion is a joke there. However, what happens to the other states and what happens when or if political control of Florida changes to a pro-lockdown party?” – READ MORE