Inflation Crisis: Cost of Beer Must Rise to £20 a Pint, Industry Tsar Warns

The cost of a pint of beer must rise to up to £20 (~$23) if British pubs are to stay in business this winter, an industry bigwig has said.

UK pubs will only be able to stay in business if customers are forced to pay up to £20 (~$23) a pint, an industry expert has said, begging the government to “start stepping in and doing something”.

Warnings have already abounded about the threat the current energy crisis poses to UK bars and restaurants, with reports indicating that small businesses across the UK are struggling to even sign new energy contracts due to suppliers fearing that their customers simply will not be able to pay up when the time comes.

Such fears do not seem to be at all unfounded, with Tom Stainer, the Chief Executive of real ale campaign group CAMRA, telling the Daily Star tabloid on Sunday that the only way pubs will be able to pay their energy bills this year is by raising the cost of a pint to between £15 to £20 (~$17 to ~$23).- READ MORE