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Supreme Court Tanks Biden’s Big Business Vaccine Mandate – The Supreme Court blocked the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for big businesses on Thursday, but preserved a narrower vaccine requirement for federally funded health care workers.

Both decisions were unsigned and featured different coalitions. The Court blocked the big business mandate over the dissent of the liberal trio, while Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh joined with the liberals to preserve the health care worker mandate. – READ MORE

Nationwide Surge In Deaths Among People Aged 18-49: A State By State Overview –Deaths among people aged 18 to 49 increased more than 40 percent in the 12 months ending October 2021 compared to the same period in 2018–2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an analysis of death certificate data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by The Epoch Times.

The agency doesn’t yet have full 2021 numbers, as death certificate data trickles in with a lag of one to eight weeks or more. – READ MORE

E.U. admits frequent booster shots WEAKEN body’s immune system – With some countries considering a fourth booster shot amid the waning effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines, the European Union’s top health agency is warning that getting boosted ever four months could harm the immune system’s ability to fight off the disease.

The European Medicines Agency advised countries instead to mirror the seasonal influenza vaccination strategy tied to the onset of the cold season, Bloomberg News reported. – READ MORE

‘It’s time to make life a living hell for anti-vaxxers,’ Washington Post columnist writes – A Washington Post columnist lambasted the vaccine-hesitant and praised French President Emmanuel Macron in a Tuesday piece titled, “Macron is right: It’s time to make life a living hell for anti-vaxxers.”

James McAuley, global opinions contributing columnist for the Post, recounted Macron’s headline-grabbing statements from last week in which he said he intended to push the unvaccinated out of public life in France until they get the jabs. – READ MORE

Sinema doubles down on filibuster support, dealing likely fatal blow to Dems’ election bills – Sen. Kyrsten Sinema said Thursday that she will not vote to weaken the Senate’s 60-vote filibuster threshold, bucking her party leaders yet again and dealing a major blow to Democrats’ election reform effort.

The comments, which match Sinema’s long-held stance on the filibuster, are effectively the final nail in the coffin of Democrats’ longshot effort to pass two elections bills over unified Senate GOP opposition. – READ MORE

Report: Left-Wing Manhattan DA Already Letting Criminals Back on the Streets – The newly installed left-wing District Attorney in Manhattan is already meting out his soft-on-crime prosecution policies as he downgraded the robbery charges against an ex-con who wielded a knife while robbing a drugstore of more than $2,000 in

DA Alvin Bragg, who is one of a slew of leftist District Attorneys around the U.S. whose election campaign was funded by radical left billionaire George Soros, reduced a felony robbery charge to misdemeanor petit larceny, a class A Misdemeanor, which means that there is no mandatory prison sentence. – READ MORE

Inflation at 7%? But 50% hike in gas prices excluded, like nearly 20% hike in beef – It’s been reported that the Consumer Price Index shows costs for consumers now are 7% higher than a year ago, a level of inflation not seen in nearly 40 years.

But Joe Biden, the New York Post explains, insists he’s “making progress.” – READ MORE

Here Are The Products That Will Empty Your Wallet As Inflation Soars – On Wednesday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that consumer prices are rising at a 7% clip as of December 2021 — the highest rate in roughly 40 years. – READ MORE

New Year Brings New All-Time High For Shipping’s Epic Traffic Jam – America made it through Christmas without too many bare shelves, despite historic port congestion. Goods were brought in early and shoppers shopped early. Holiday sales were up 11% from 2019, pre-COVID.

Consumer fears of a holiday shortage appear to have spiked in October, then pulled back as concerns lessened. – READ MORE

The ‘Mother of All’ Supply Shocks Lurks in China’s Covid Crackdowns – The world economy could be headed for the “mother of all” supply chain stumbles.

That’s the warning from HSBC economists who caution that if the highly infectious omicron variant which is already swamping much of the global economy spreads across Asia, especially China, then disruption to manufacturing will be inevitable. “Temporary, one would hope, but hugely disruptive all the same” in the next few months, they wrote in a research note this week. – READ MORE



  1. I think it is SUPER IMPORTANT to keep perspective in this extended Information War. I found the words of Mikki Willis (Plandemic director) to be insightful and well-timed and share them here now with you:

    “Dear Americans, By now most of us are aware that factions of our own government, in lockstep with foreign adversaries, various tech titans and certain billionaires are working hard to strip away our freedoms. For decades they’ve announced out loud their agenda to create a “one world government.” That one sentence says it all- Their goal is to take control of our world.

    Knowing that America is too powerful to overtake by direct force, decades ago they put into action a plan to chip away at the foundation of our nation through covert psychological and ideological warfare.

    Through patient incremental steps they’ve infiltrated every aspect of our lives. The enemy has breached the gates and is now planting poisonous seeds in the soil of our minds. This is an easy trap to avoid if you know what to look for.

    As a veteran activist I’ve seen this disturbing tactic play out in just about every major movement of resistance I’ve ever been a part of. Just as the people begin to make real progress, paranoia sets in. Trusted allies become suspicious of each other. Rumors spread of “infiltrators” and “controlled opposition.” Infighting is the beginning of the end of forward momentum.

    Like clockwork, just as we the people are making powerful strides to expose and overcome the tyranny that’s rapidly metastasizing around the world, cancerous rumors have begun echoing within the liberty movement.

    Paid agitators absolutely exist. It is a real tactic that is commonly deployed against citizen-led movements when they gain too much power. One of the most common objectives of an agitator is to divide the group by turning its members against each other.

    The words “united we stand, divided we fall,” were first spoken over two thousand years ago. There’s a reason that sentence has survived the test of time. Unity is our most powerful tool to fix this broken world. It is daylight to the vampires of division. When we’re divided we are susceptible to the hypnotic spells being cast at us daily by the media and those who control it.

    If you truly care about your freedom, family and future, the next time you encounter someone spreading bad rumors about good people, unless the accusation presents clear and present evidence of being accurate, SHUT IT DOWN!

    Even if the messenger means well, let them know they are literally doing the very thing they’re warning you about. Don’t be a “useful idiot,” as the perpetrators of this takeover call those who unwittingly carry their water.

    United We Win!”

    Mikki Willis @OfficialPlandemic