DHS chief Mayorkas: ‘I give myself an A for effort’

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas graded himself with an “A for effort” on Tuesday, telling senators he believes the Biden administration is on the right track to solve the border’s chaos and to make up for what he called cruel Trump policies.

Fighting through three hours of combative questions from senators on the Judiciary Committee, Mr. Mayorkas said it “takes time” for the results to show along the border, but defended the slow progress even as new numbers showed illegal border crossings last month broke the record for October, usually a slow month.

“We’re on the road to success,” he said.

His defense was not reassuring to Republicans on the committee.

“The Department of Homeland Security has clearly failed in its mission to obtain operational control,” said Sen. Mike Lee, Utah Republican.

Mr. Mayorkas found himself on the defensive over activities across his sprawling department. He sparred with one senator who accused him of holding immigrant children in cages, and repeatedly admitted he didn’t have data on hand that senators were seeking. – READ MORE