Crisis Averted? Decrease in German Gas Use will be Down to Business Bankruptcies – Industry Org

Any serious reduction in the use of gas by businesses in Germany will be down to companies downsizing or closing down, and not from attempts to save energy, the head of one industry organisation said.

Peter Adrian, the President of the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) has claimed that there is little room left for businesses to save energy, putting any savings in the sector so far down to companies either downsizing or shutting down completely as a result of economic pressure.

It has been claimed that Germany needs to cut its gas consumption by 20 per cent to avoid massive shortages that risk destabilising the country, with some experts even suggesting that only a saving of 30 per cent will be enough to get the country through the ongoing energy crisis.

However, according to survey results published by the DIHK, the vast majority of businesses in Germany will not be able to achieve even a fraction of such a reduction, with 60 per cent of companies saying that they will only be able to cut their gas usage by 2 per cent at most. – READ MORE