COVID Outbreak On Carnival Cruise Despite ALL ABOARD Jabbed

Despite every guest and staff member aboard the Carnival Vista being vaccinated the ship still experienced a coronavirus outbreak.

The ship departed from Galveston Texas on July 31 and has decided to continue its journey despite the coronavirus cases aboard the ship.

The outbreak aboard the Carnival Cruise goes against the mainstream narrative that people who are vaccinated experience breakthrough coronavirus cases because of being around people who are not vaccinated. Everyone who is on the cruise is vaccinated and yet individuals still contracted the virus.

Carnival will not disclose how many people onboard have contracted the virus and will only state that a small amount of people have become infected. The company claims they have acted swiftly and those who have been infected are in quarantine. They also have stated that they have implemented a mask mandate for everyone onboard. Since the ship has the capacity to hold over 4,000 people a small number could mean anything. – READ MORE