COVID-19 Lockdowns DEVASTATED Children’s Academic Performance

The data is in, and it’s conclusive: COVID-19 Warlord Fauci & Co. wrought untold, unprecedented havoc on children’s academic performance while posing as saviors.

Via the Associated Press:

Across the country, math scores saw their largest decreases ever. Reading scores dropped to 1992 levels. Nearly four in 10 eighth graders failed to grasp basic math concepts. Not a single state saw a notable improvement in their average test scores, with some simply treading water at best (emphasis added).

This outcome was obvious and predictable from the start.

America’s Public Health© goons force-fed these lockdowns on local school districts even after the extremely low death rate among children was public knowledge and Pfizer and Moderna mRNA gene therapies — marketed as the ticket back to normality — were widely available.

The only realistic takeaway is that they were either too stupid to make basic prognostications that a four-year-old could have made or else too craven that they knew the coming damage and went along with the state machine anyway rather than challenge its pseudoscience. – READ MORE