Chris Cuomo Reportedly Sought to Discredit ‘Fox Weather B*tch’ Janice Dean

Disgraced former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo “schemed to discredit Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean, allegedly calling her ‘that Fox weather bitch,’” reports the New York Post.

Back in March and April of last year, Dean lost her in-laws to the coronavirus. Both were New York nursing home residents, and Dean believes disgraced former Gov. Andrew Cuomo was directly responsible. This was when the Democrat governor issued an executive order that required nursing homes to accept patients still infected with the coronavirus.

Imagine that. Even though we already knew from what happened in Europe that the elderly were most likely to succumb to the virus, Cuomo still demanded nursing homes accept the infected. The results were an unmitigated catastrophe. Thousands died needlessly, including Dean’s in-laws, and to her credit, she refused to be silent about it.

Dean launched a righteous crusade against Cuomo and his corrupt Palace Guards: a craven media and celebrity class, who not only aided Cuomo in covering up his crime, but hailed and worshiped him as everything wise and wonderful when it came to managing the coronavirus. – READ MORE