Chris Cuomo isn’t the only high-powered CNN honcho with close ties to Gov. Cuomo

high-powered CNN executive with close ties to embattled New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo could be the reason why the network has taken it easy on the “Cuomo Prime Time” namesake for his role in the governor’s ongoing sexual harassment scandal, according to Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer.

CNN continues to take heat for fawning over Gov. Cuomo before his swift fall from grace and failing it punish the network’s most-watched host, Chris Cuomo, for advising his big brother as allegations of sexual harassment poured in. CNN’s most-watched host offered his brother advice and even drafted a statement to respond to the allegations against him in February and isn’t allowed to cover his brother on air.

“CNN has a real ethical problem on its hands,” Fleischer said Wednesday on “American’s Newsroom.”

“The fact that the upper management at CNN, starting with Jeff Zucker the president of CNN, has not disciplined Chris Cuomo, the anchor for his taking a hand in guiding his governor brother through all this, the fact that a CNN anchor actively helped cover up what the governor was doing and worked on message points for the governor to deliver, this is a real ethical problem and CNN is taking no action,” Fleischer continued. “One of the reasons why, and I just have to point this out to the viewers, do you know who is in charge of communications at CNN? Governor Cuomo’s former communications director Allison Gollust.”- READ MORE