Washington Post column calls for CNN to investigate Chris Cuomo

A Washington Post column called for CNN to investigate their primetime anchor Chris Cuomo for his role in advising his brother New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

On Monday, Washington Post media columnist Erik Wemple criticized recent efforts by CNN’s “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter, for whitewashing Cuomo’s role in advising his governor brother amid several sexual harassment allegations.

“There is nothing at all ‘complicated’ about the story. CNN flouted journalistic ethics in spring 2020 when it allowed Chris Cuomo to host his brother about a dozen times in flattering gab sessions — and then, when the governor’s covid-19 and sexual harassment scandals piled up in early 2021, the network somehow tracked down its internal guidelines and banned Chris Cuomo from covering his brother,” Wemple wrote.

“Stelter whitewashed the whole mess on Sunday in a way that had to delight the network’s PR operation,” Wemple continued.

Stelter said CNN prohibited Cuomo from talking about his brother’s scandals on air, admitting that it caused an “optics problem.”

Wemple responded with that there was no optics problem but instead the problem was substantive. He cited New York Attorney Genera Letitia James’ report naming Chris Cuomo as an advisor to Gov. Cuomo regarding his ongoing sexual harassment accusations. In addition, he reminded readers that CNN previously admitted that Cuomo was advising his brother in May. Chris Cuomo himself admitted to the “mistake” shortly afterwards. – READ MORE