‘Certain Industries Will Stop Producing’ to Avoid Bankruptcy Claims German Vice Chancellor in Car Crash Interview

In a bizarre interview on Tuesday evening, German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck claimed that in order to avoid potential bankruptcy due to the ongoing energy crisis “certain industries will stop producing”.

Appearing on the Maischberger German talk show, Vice Chancellor and Minister for Economic Affairs Robert Habeck said that in light of potential energy shortages and soaring prices in the coming months, some businesses may be forced to close their doors and shut down for a time.

When pressed by host Sandra Maischberger if he expects a wave of bankruptcies throughout Germany in the Winter, Habeck said: “No, I don’t,” adding: “I can imagine that certain industries will just stop producing. [So they] don’t become insolvent.”

Pressing the Economy Minister on his strange logic, the interviewer asked: “How can [businesses] not expect big losses if they pay people but don’t sell anything anymore?”

Apparently flustered by the line of questioning, the Green Party politician said that although some firms “may stop selling” they would only go bankrupt if “you make an ever greater losses with work.” – READ MORE