Biden Ignored Boris Johnsons’ Frantic Calls for 36 Hours as Bungled Bugout Was Unfolding

Not only did Presidentish Joe Biden leave UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the dark over “how it planned to withdraw [and] the pace of its withdrawal” from Afghanistan, Biden basically ghosted Johnson for 36 hours as the crisis unfolded in Kabul.

As Taliban forces swept through Kabul, threatening the lives of Americans and British subjects alike, Johnson tried frantically to reach Biden, but had to wait a day and a half for the notorious lid-taker to answer the call.

“Johnson tried to reach Biden on Monday morning, UK time, but wasn’t able to get him on the phone until 10 p.m. Tuesday (5 p.m. Washington time),” repeated BizNewsPost from a Daily Telegraph story (subscription required).

The White House has not responded to requests for comments on the report, nor much else, despite the ongoing chaos. – READ MORE