Aussie Olympians Welcomed Home with Enforced Four-week Quarantine

Australian state officials have declared athletes returning from the Tokyo Olympics will be required to quarantine for four weeks, with some being banished to remote outback camps for the duration.

All overseas travellers, including the nearly 500-strong Australian team, must spend 14 days in isolation at a designated hotel or special camp on arrival in the country, under strict national government coronavirus rules.

The South Australian (SA) government is going one step further by also insisting those heading back to the state from Sydney must repeat the two-week quarantine. This takes the total time in enforced lockdown to four-weeks.

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) on Wednesday slammed SA Health’s rules saying they “lacked common sense” and were both “cruel and uncaring” for 11 athletes and five support staff from South Australia.

The AOC chief Matt Carroll said they had no choice but to send 16 South Australian athletes to Sydney for quarantine before booking them through to return to Adelaide. – READ MORE


  1. Sacrificial lambs ritualistically used to set an example; public humiliation; Trauma inducing trigger; catalyst for mass psychosis and on and on and on…

    On par with NZ PM Jacinda Ardern’s cruel and morbid “9/11” reference associated with the new border controls: Soften the public imagination in the hopes of generating a whole host of pliable minds willing to adopt passive compliancy as “New Normal.” Sooner or later, people will snap. This tactic does not work on independently minded, hard working people with common sense and a backbone.