Airline Chaos Could Persist Until 2024, Despite Efforts To Cure Woes

After a record-breaking summer of angst, aggravation, and anger at America’s airports, little relief may be in sight.

The problem came into sharper focus during the past few weeks with airline complaints in May and June soaring 270 percent above pre-pandemic levels.

While airlines and federal officials recently announced improved customer service and information-sharing practices with travelers, critics say those measures amount to baby steps. They advocate bigger, more meaningful strides to alleviate the chaos and restore order.

When we look at the misery that we’ve seen this last summer, the thought is: How long could it last?” Jay Ratliff, an aviation expert, told The Epoch Times on Sept. 9.

Ratliff said that the problems predate the COVID-19 pandemic, are more complex than many people realize, and may persist until 2024. – READ MORE


  1. @mike
    Better believe it. A few weeks ago a United flight from EWR to Denver taxied for 6 hours, had to return to the gate to top off the fuel needed to make it to Denver. Passengers were deplaned and had to wait for another flight to Denver, because by the time they were deplaned the crew had timed out and they had to wait for a new crew. My daughter works for United and her benefits allow her my husband and me to fly standby for free.
    You couldn’t drag me on a plane to fly again.

    Ground staffing is a nightmare. New hires, luggage gets lost. Just today 2 planes wings hit together. Miserable situation!