Would-Be Assassin Arrested Outside Brett Kavanaugh’s Home As House Dems Stall on SCOTUS Security

An armed man was arrested near Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home early Wednesday morning, and confessed to plans to assassinate the justice.

The gunman is 26-year-old Nicholas Roske, according to court filings unsealed on Wednesday. The defendant told authorities he planned to kill the justice and then himself, citing the leak of a draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade and a pending Second Amendment decision as his motivation. The arrest follows a warning issued by the Department of Homeland Security last month that noted the potential increased threat of violence to justices, clerks, and clergy, which could heighten after the official ruling. The would-be assassin was taken into custody with a knife, pepper spray, and a gun, according to an NBC News report.

The breach near Kavanaugh’s home is the latest threat to the Court. The Washington Free Beacon reported in May that a radical leftwing group, ShutdownDC, is crafting plans to obstruct three critical points on Capitol Hill to block access to the Court building altogether on June 13. At a briefing the Free Beacon attended, one organizer said the group’s goal is to “expand the current political crisis.” A New York Times opinion writer in May had also urged pro-abortion activists to escalate protests targeting Kavanaugh.

Roske was spotted by marshals protecting the Kavanaugh home when he climbed out of a cab carrying a backpack and a suitcase, according to Wednesday’s filing. He spotted the marshals, then backed away from the property. Shortly thereafter, Roske called 911 and confessed to suicidal ideation and his assassination plot. Authorities immediately took him into custody.. – READ MORE