Woke Corporations Really Hate Diversity Of Thought, New ‘Viewpoint Diversity Score’ Reveals

Corporate America does not like the First Amendment, according to a new business index released on Thursday.

The Viewpoint Diversity Score — a joint venture between legal nonprofit Alliance Defending Freedom and Christian financial firm Inspire Investing — examines 50 companies on the Fortune 1000 list to determine “corporate respect for religious and ideological diversity,” according to a press release.

How did those 50 companies score? Not particularly well, according to the project’s business index. The firms averaged 12% on “respecting religious and ideological diversity in the market, workplace, and public square.”

“A project like this would not have been necessary 30 months ago, let alone 20 years ago,” David Bahnsen, a Manhattan-based wealth management executive and member of the Viewpoint Diversity Score’s advisory council, told The Daily Wire. “American companies have never been willing to sacrifice the profit motive, let alone the First Amendment, for social activism, let alone ill-defined cultural extremism.”- READ MORE