Who Benefits From the Taliban Takeover? The Same Country That Has Paid Millions to the Bidens.

The beheadings have just begun and the rape rooms haven’t even been repainted yet, but the Chinese commies are already willing to recognize the Taliban as the new leaders of Afghanistan, following their victorious, high-speed chase of the Afghan army.

China stands to hit the jackpot with the Taliban in charge. On the table for them are several things:

  • The Taliban has agreed not to harbor any Muslim terrorists looking to ignite a putsch in the Xinjiang region, where those pesky Uyghurs live
  • Mining rights in Afghanistan
  • Building a major highway in the Wakhan Corridor for trade purposes

The commies are also in bed with Pakistan, even going so far as to share top-secret information with them. Not to mention there are a bunch of Chinese economic investments in Pakistan. China’s influence in the region grows while Joe Biden gets lost in his own yard.

The China-Pakistan intel swap also gives China a strategic edge in its ongoing bicker-fest with India over some contested real estate. A China-Pakistan love fest could spell major trouble for India. India and China have already thrown punches at each other over the disputed land in the middle of nowhere. – READ MORE