Washington Post fact-checker thrashes Biden over $500 utility savings claim: ‘Fantastical’

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler shot down what he called President Biden’s “fantastical” claim in the Wall Street Journal that the American Rescue Plan would lower the average family’s annual utility bill by $500.

In Biden’s WSJ op-ed published Monday, he wrote “a dozen CEOs” of massive utility companies in the United States told him earlier this year that his plan would provide ample benefits for Americans. These benefits include $500 shaved off of American’s utility bills and a transition away from “energy produced by autocrats.”

Kessler noted Thursday that while Biden is promising massive savings, the White House is “engaging in some inflation of its own.”

According to Kessler, Biden’s claim comes from an October report from the Rhodium Group research firm. The firm predicted that if the U.S. adopted Biden’s climate policies, annual household energy costs would be “roughly $500 lower” by 2030, eight years from now. Kessler also pointed out “energy costs” are not synonymous with “utility bills.” – READ MORE