WaPo: Facebook Will Suck Up Your Data No Matter What You Do

In a recent article, the Washington Post outlines how deeply ingrained Facebook has become to parts of people’s everyday lives, even if they don’t actively use the platform. According to the Post, Facebook trackers are built into 61 of the 100 most popular smartphone apps, and their trackers watch what you do on 25 percent of websites.

In an article titled “There’s no escape from Facebook, even if you don’t use it,” the Washington Post outlines just how deeply Facebook has become ingrained in the everyday lives of most people. Even those that don’t use the platform are not safe from Mark Zuckerberg’s prying eyes.

The Post spoke to a woman named Megan Borovicka who joined Facebook in 2013 and then forgot that she had an account, never logging in or using it. The average person assumes that the Masters of the Universe would stop collecting data on a dormant account, but nothing could be further from the truth.

According to an investigation by the Post, over the last decade, Facebook has collected extremely specific information about Borovicka and her life, learning everything about her from where she received her paycheck to her preferred brand of underwear.

Borovicka told the Washington Post: “I thought if I’m not using Facebook, I wouldn’t be in its orbit.” The issue lies in the fact that it’s not just Facebook’s app collecting information — Facebook has become so big that it has become a key component of millions of other businesses, apps, and websites that now collect information on Facebook’s behalf. So even if you’re not actively using the Facebook app or website, the company is still tracking you.- READ MORE