Wall Street Analysts: China’s TikTok Is ‘Crack Cocaine’ that Could ‘Ruin’ the Internet

Top Wall Street analysts recently stated that they could only think of one comparison to TikTok in terms of its addictive nature — crack cocaine. According to Wall Street, Communist China’s TikTok could “ruin” the internet.

Business Insider reports that China’s TikTok has become so popular and addictive that the only comparison to it is crack cocaine. Analysts at Bernstein Research wrote that with over one billion monthly users in just five years, the short-form video app has replaced “the friction of deciding what to watch and ‘boring’ status update images” with a “sensory rush of bite-sized videos powered by a Chinese-owned, black-box algorithm.”

The analysts said: “The algorithm pushed the most viral content directly to the user delivering endorphin hit after hit with each swipe. Cocaine’s effects take time to set in, while Crack’s effect is instantaneous but wears off quickly driving the user to seek another ‘hit.’ Crack is incredibly addictive.”

Other major platforms including Facebook have rushed to compete with the app, creating a “digital crack epidemic,” according to a note by analysts titled “Has TikTok Ruined the Internet?” Despite advertisers failing to effectively monetize short-form video, it’s where users are placing most of their attention. – READ MORE