UK Supermarkets Begin Rationing Eggs as Bird Flu and Inflation Ravage Supply

Supermarkets in the UK have reportedly begun rationing eggs as the supply of the staple food is drastically impacted by both bird flu and the ongoing inflation crisis.

Rampant inflation and the ongoing bird flu epidemic have reportedly drastically impacted the supply of eggs in Britain, with multiple businesses in the country now reportedly rationing the food item as a result of a lack of availability.

The shortage could end up being a serious blow to many struggling households in the country that are already having to cut back on the likes of meat and fish in order to survive the ongoing cost of living crisis.

According to a report by state-owned broadcaster the BBC, farming organisations in the country have long warned that ongoing inflation arising out of massive lockdown spending and the Ukraine War would result in a serious reduction in egg supply, with many producers not seeing any benefit from price rises implemented by shops.

However, the outbreak of bird flu across Europe has added even further pressure to the supply of eggs, with The Times reporting that millions of hens have had to be culled due to outbreaks of the disease.- READ MORE