UK Report: Extra Deaths in 2022 Nearly Highest Level in 70 Years, Higher in Europe Too

Based on data from the UK’s National Health Service and its Continuous Mortality Investigation, Sky News reports that the number of “extra deaths” — deaths above the yearly average — in 2022 were “close to the highest level in 70 years,” and British officials are not exactly sure why this occurred. However, some of the extra deaths may be due to the delays (failures) in the NHS.

“More than 35,000 additional people died than expected in the last six months, 11% more than the five-year average,” reported Sky News on Jan. 11. “Over a thousand more people are dying every week than expected, and many of these extra deaths are happening at home.”

The total excess deaths in 2022 “was among the highest recorded since the aftermath of the Second World War,” said the news outlet.

There is still a high number of excess deaths even if the COVID-attributed deaths are excluded.- READ MORE