TSA Is Allowing Illegal Migrants To Board Commercial Flights Without Proper Identification, Texas Rep. Alleges

It looks as though President Biden’s immigration crisis isn’t just on the ground anymore.

That’s because it was reported this week that the Biden administration is allowing illegal migrants to board commercial flights across the United States without ID – all in the name of not being “racist”.

Rep. Lance Gooden from Texas, who has been in the midst of investigation the TSA, made the relevation. His investigation was prompted by “whistleblower documents alleging an operation to move migrants across the country without standard documentation.”

Gooden’s correspondence with the TSA was reported by PJ Media this week.

Gooden wrote to TSA Administrator David Pekoske this week, stating:  “We request clarification on the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) policies and procedures to protect the nation’s transportation systems and mitigate national security risks. I have serious concerns TSA is actively assisting illegal immigrants without proper identification travel throughout the country. Therefore, we are requesting TSA provide assistance in identifying and preventing the unprecedented flow of illegal immigrants into and throughout the United States and the role TSA has played in facilitating this influx of migrants.” – READ MORE