They ‘Own the Science,’ and They Want to Control How You Access Information About It

We all know that Big Tech is rotten and companies like Alphabet and Meta control search results. We all know that the World Economic Forum is rotten. Naturally, an incestuous union between the two would result in a mutant child that would rival anything from the fever dreams of the most creative science fiction and fantasy authors. And that is what we are about to see to ensure that we get a dystopian future, good and hard.

The United Nation’s Undersecretary for Communications Melissa Fleming was at a meeting of the World Economic Forum’s anti-disinformation panel last week (cue the laugh track). Along with the UN, representatives from CNN and Brown University were also in attendance for the “Tackling Disinformation” panel. Yeah. CNN at a disinformation panel. Sounds legit. I guess if you are going into the disinformation business, you can always use some pro tips.

According to the Post Millennial, Fleming announced that the UN was working in partnership with big tech companies to control information on climate change. TikTok is one such company. She also named Google. Naturally. If you’re going to manage the public’s access to information, you need Google, right? Her exact words were:

“We partnered with Google, for example, if you Google ‘climate change,’ you will, at the top of your search, you will get all kinds of UN resources. We started this partnership when we were shocked to see that when we Googled ‘climate change,’ we were getting incredibly distorted information right at the top. We’re becoming much more proactive. We own the science, and we think that the world should know it, and the platforms themselves also do,”

Fleming also said that the UN has been working with TikTok, aka Communist China, on a project called Team Halo to recruit influencers to coordinate an acceptable COVID-19 message. And the organization plans to recruit more influencers.- READ MORE