Starbucks CEO Says the Company May Take Bathrooms Private Again

In 2018, Starbucks found itself mired in controversy when a manager at one of its Philadelphia stores denied two black people the use of the public restroom because they hadn’t bought anything.

The manager called the cops, the cops arrested the black guys, and activists had a ready-made, prime-time, wall-to-wall media event that resulted in Starbucks opening its bathrooms to anyone and everyone.

The results were predictable. Gangs took over several Starbucks stores in big cities, homeless crazies wandered in and out of the stores, and customers took their lives in their hands even time they walked through the door.

It was bad for business.

Now Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is having second thoughts about that terribly woke, terribly dangerous policy and told the New York Times that the company is considering “hardening” its stores, which includes closing the bathrooms to all but paying customers. – READ MORE