Some college students say they won’t root for Team USA at Olympics: ‘I don’t like being an American’

Some U.S. college students are refusing to root for Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics, opting to cheer for individual athletes instead of their home country.

Campus Reform spoke with students at the University of South Florida ahead of last week’s Opening Ceremony, with several voicing their support for American athletes who choose to protest their country on the world stage.

I don’t like being an American, either” one student said. “Why is there no free health care? Why are so many people suffering because of housing?… And that is such a great example of how f****** corrupt it is here.”

“I’m not going to be rooting for any team just because it’s some country that I live in,” another said. “Patriotism shouldn’t be that strong.”

Campus Reform correspondent Ophelie Jacobson, who conducted the interviews, told “Fox & Friends” Thursday that many of the students she talked to were not enthusiastic about the Games or rooting for their country. – READ MORE

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