Shrinkflation: Cereal Brand Cuts Amount Per Box By 17%; Toilet Paper Brand Slashes Roll Size 24%

There’s inflation and then there’s shrinkflation.

Inflation is easy to spot: The product you bought last month now costs a dime more.

But shrinkflation is much more nefarious. The product you bought last month is the same price — the package may even appear to be the same size — but there’s less of it. In some cases, a good bit less.

“Notable brands to ‘shrinkflate’ their products in recent months as the American dollar continues to lessen in value include Charmin, Bounty, and Gatorade, which have all been downsized in recent months but have retained their previous prices,” the Daily Mail reported on Wednesday.

“Joining the parade of downsized products is cereal stalwart Honey Bunches of Oats, which has seen the weight of its standard box, previously 14.5 ounces, lessen to 12 ounces — a reduction of roughly 17 percent,” the U.K. paper said. – READ MORE