Report: Over 100K Workers Threaten Strikes amid Supply Chain Crisis, Citing ‘Low Staffing Levels’

Over 100,000 American workers are reportedly threatening to strike this week amid the supply chain crisis, citing “low staffing levels” and “burnout.”

The American workers who are threatening to strike work for Hollywood production companies, John Deere, and Kaiser Permanente, the Hill reported.

The threats to strike would add to the thousands more who have already been on strike, “including 2,000 New York hospital workers, 700 Massachusetts nurses and 1,400 Kellogg plant workers in Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.”

President of the Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals Jodi Barschow told the Hill that Kaiser nurses are ready to strike over “pandemic-induced burnout exacerbated by low staffing levels.”

Kaiser’s proposals “show a profound disrespect for the frontline healthcare workers who are risking their lives during COVID,” Barschow remarked, noting any strike would “severely disrupt” the healthcare supply chain. – READ MORE