Rent Problems Escalate For Small Business Owners – 40% Can’t Pay

Alignable’s August Rent Report is out today and, unfortunately, rent problems among small businesses (SMBs) have just broken a new record for 2022. Some 40% of small business owners could not pay their August rent on time and in full, up 6% from July. (Prior to this, the highest rent delinquency rate in 2022 was 35%).

Beyond that, the 40% rent delinquency rate is the highest in nearly 18 months, reflecting the all of the forces hindering the recovery of many small businesses.

These insights are based on Alignable’s latest poll conducted from 8/13/22 to 8/23/22 among 7,331 randomly selected small business owners.

Also, in that survey, only 23% say they’ve fully recovered to their pre-COVID revenue levels (down 2% from July). This is the worst monthly recovery rate we’ve tracked in the past year.- READ MORE