Recruits Kicked from Academy after Refusing COVID Vaccinations, Says Border Patrol Union

The National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), the labor union representing rank and file agents, says a new policy by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) resulted in recruits being removed from training for refusing vaccinations. The recruits were attending training at the United States Border Patrol Academy in Artesia, New Mexico.

According to the NBPC, the policy will also require future recruits to provide proof they are fully vaccinated prior to training. According to the NBPC, those who are partially vaccinated or none at all removed until full compliance is met.

In a statement from Local 2509 President Jeffery Hammes, many of the recruits refused the vaccine despite being briefed on the consequences. The current employment and pay status of the affected recruits are unknown.

Hammes notes:

Big Bend Local 2509 supports the right of those that choose not to be vaccinated for COVID-19. We support those who are hesitant to be vaccinated and we respect their opinions and beliefs. This should be a personal choice for each individual and not a blanket mandate from federal bureaucrats.

We urge FLETC to rescind this order immediately and allow our future brothers and sisters to earn their badges and join us on the line. We desperately need the help against the current onslaught on our border that this administration has refused to address in any meaningful way whatsoever.



  1. Our foster son is in the Coast Guard, and while they haven’t instituted a jab mandate YET, he says the pressure is on daily and his unit is being told they will receive a discharge if they don’t comply with the mandate, once passed. He’s had 1 jab-still needs the 2nd. (We haven’t seen him much since he enlisted prior to Covid) He visited us this week and I think he felt bombarded with information. We dumped everything from Fauci’s criminal ways to jab dangers and everything in between. He’s confused but asked us to pray for him to know what to do. At least there is some hope….