Post-Lockdown Era: Children Entering Elementary School Unable to Say Own Name – Report

A study due to be published this week has reportedly found that many children entering elementary school in the UK are unable to even say their own name, so pronounced the impact of isolation has been.

A considerable number of children starting primary (elementary) school in the UK for the first time are unable to so much as say their own name, a study due to be published this week has reportedly found.

The report linked to the UK broadsheet The Times is set to reveal that developmental problems are widespread among young children in Britain, with the study set to blame pandemic conditions and a lack of parental education for the shortfalls.

According to an article published on Monday previewing the results of the year-long study, children entering their first year of primary school are not toilet trained, have never drunk out of any vessel other than a baby bottle, and are unable to communicate effectively using verbal language. – READ MORE