NY Mag piece complains the media ‘manufactured’ Biden’s Afghanistan crisis

A piece published in New York Magazine’s Intelligencer complained how the media “manufactured” President Biden‘s “politico fiasco” regarding his handling of the turbulent withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Intelligencer writer Eric Levitz began his piece by touting how the Afghan withdrawal “has yet to cost our nation a single casualty” and that evacuations are proceeding “at a faster pace than the White House had promised.”

“In other words, Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has been a ‘disastrous’ and ‘humiliating’ ‘fiasco,’ in the words of the mainstream media’s ostensibly objective foreign-policy journalists,” Levitz wrote. “Yet this political fiasco is not a development that the media covered so much as one that it created.”

Levitz acknowledged the Biden administration “made some genuine errors” regarding contingency plans and the resettlement of Afghan refugees, but “as far as conclusions to multi-decade wars go, America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan is thus far proceeding with relatively little chaos and tragedy.”

“And it’s far from clear that the withdrawal could have been much more orderly had the White House only executed it in a better ‘way,’” Levitz added. – READ MORE

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